Why do dying and hair straightening plate damage hair?

By snshair_official | 26 November 2019 | 3 Comments
Every time we see our messy hair, we are determined not to perm or dye, but every time we see a good hairstyle, we can't control ourselves to do it. Many people like to do their own home styling, and others like to visit a hair dresser. Why do these treatment damage hair?

Most hairdressers use chemical methods to perm. In the perm process, no matter how high quality you introduce perm equipment or multi-advanced care products, the scales of the hair will be destroyed, the moisture and nutrients inside the hair will be lost, and even the scalp will be burnt.

Hair keratin is deformed during curling, hair is dull and yellow, and hair elasticity and toughness are reduced. But the hair roller is an excellent tool for the girl to make hairstyles and become beautiful.
Many girls make curls when the hair is in a wet condiction in a hurry. Wet hair curls cause more damage to the hair because the water vapor evaporates quickly from the surface during perm and the hair becomes dull after perm.

Each perm damage is larger than the hair roller in several times. it is also beneficia becaues the perm is lasting for a long time, and it is convenient for the girls to take care of. Although the hair roller is not damages as much as perm, but if you are ues it every day and daily damage is low, the long-term hair damage is the same.

Microstructure of hair:

The structure of hair is divided into cortex, medullary layer and epidermal layer. The outer layer of epidermal layer is hair scales, that is, the epidermal layer is composed of many small scales. Hair scales are the protective layer of hair, which determines whether the hair is shiny and smooth.
The reason why our hair loses its luster and becomes rough and dry is that we usually blow hair, perm dye it, comb it hard, and damage the scales. The hair scales are neatly arranged in a healthy state, and will bulge when hurt.

Damaged hair is difficult to repair, because hair is not viable. To prevent hair damage, the most important task is to prevent damage.

1. First, before washing or blowing the hair, comb the hair first with a large gear comb to prevent the hair from tangling and knotting. Don't mind blowing every day, but try to keep the temperature to a minimum.

2. There is not much contraindication to blowing the scalp. The medium temperature is the best. If possible, it is best to blow to 80% dryness. Don't dry completely. Drying will cause less moisture and frizzy hair. The remaining 20% just dry naturally.

3. How can I make my hair shiny and supple? Using good olive oil is a good choice. Note that damaged hair can only protect but cannot completely repair it, and it can only be prevented. Why are olive oils so effective? Hair care oil, as a hair care product, can have a certain protective effect, can fill the gaps of damaged hair, make your hair quickly shiny and soft, and it looks like good hair quality.

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