What's the differences between lace frontal wig and full lace wig?

By snshaiir_official | 03 December 2019 | 23 Comments
We often see different options like lace frontal and full lace when buying wigs. What is the difference between Lace frontal wig and full lace wig? Is there any other type of wig lace? SNS Hair will help you answer this question from the perspective of lace wig processing and lace use.

>> Purpose of using lace <<

Every woman wearing a wig wants her wig to look like her real hair. The role of lace fabric is to mimic the human scalp as much as possible, so that the wig will look more realistic. In this way, full lace wig is indeed the best choice to imitate the real hair of the wearer. Because it can make various braids and make various patterns like real hair. So what is the significance of the existence of frontal lace? We need to realize how a wig is made.

>> How to make a wig <<

May be you never heard of how is a wig made, the processing method of wig is to weave the hair of real human hair on the lace fabric. This is a very time-consuming task, and workers need to use tools to tie the hair strands to the lace fabric one by one. So its cost is high and that's why the price of full lace wig is expensive. While there are another way to make a human hair wig. That is to weaving some pieces of hair bundles on a cap by machine. In this way, works can save many time and the costs reduced. But there is a unacceptable problem that the wig looks unreal and nobody want this happen. So we combine these two methods together,and the lace front wig created. 

>> The front lace wig and full lace wig <<

The front lace wig can solve problem that full lace wig is expensive very well, because just like its name, the lace fabric of the front lace wig only exists in the front of the wig, which is the part of the forehead. The size of the front lace is also divided into many types. The 4 * 4 front lace wig is only suitable for splitting the hair on both sides of the head, and there is no lace near the ears. So its price is the cheapest of all wigs, but it doesn't look very real. The most common front lace wig now is the 13 * 6 lace front wig. Its lace ranges from horizontal left ear to right ear and longitudinal forehead to top of head. In this way, the wig will look more realistic from the front. If you have to ask, the lace fabric of the front lace wig is all on the front, then when I ponytail, will the back look fake? Don't worry, although it is called front lace, there is also lace fabric on the back of the neck, at least SNS Hair's wig has it.

Full lace wigs have no mechanically stitched parts. All wigs consist of lace fabric and hair. Full lace is full lace, it doesn't have many styles, only different in whole wig size and fix part.

>> Other kinds of lace fabrics <<

In addition to full lace wigs and front lace wigs, SNS Hair also offers 360 lace wigs, which is a combination of full lace wigs and front lace wigs. The hairline and forehead of the 360 lace wig are all covered with lace fabric, and the rest are stitched by machine. This wig is real from any angle and is cheaper than a full lace wig.

Considering that not all people suffer from hair loss or some girls don't like to wear wig caps, wearing wigs directly will cause their own hair to be exposed and affect the appearance. We stitched a layer of dark elastic fabric under the front lace fabric of 13 * 6 to simulate the scalp. This is the fake scalp Bob hairstyle that is currently on hot sale at SNS Hair. You can make any braid or other operations in the front lace position without affecting the beauty.

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