What's the difference between remy hair and non-remy hair?

By snshair_official | 19 November 2019 | 0 Comments

All the hair of human hair wigs comes from women's real hair. Even through, the quality of the hair can be different. Woman trends to dye or straighten their virgin hair to look better, then the hair transforms from remy hair to no-remy hair.

We should compare remy hair with non-remy hair from two aspects as below:

1.The integrity of cuticle
The integrity of Remy hair cuticle is greater than non-Remy hair, and its cuticle is toward the same direction. For Remy hair, its hair roots and tip are divided clearly. Instead of non-Remy's hair, the hair was assembled from several donors' hair, so its cuticle is not intact. In addition, because of the difference of integrity of cuticle, it is very obvious that the lustre of non-Remy hair is not as good as that of Remy hair.

Non-Remy hair is processed that is completely different from Remy hair, so its life is much shorter than that of Remy hair. Even it may be burned, stained or other treated on the donor’s head. And for non-Remy hair, because its hair is not from one donor, the quality of a bunch of hair is very jagged. Therefore, non-Remy hair can not stand too many shapes, otherwise it will lose the hair's luster and become frizzy. However, Remy hair didn’t experience any treatment, so it can be completely reshaped when you purchase.

the virgin hair is the best remy hair because it’s cut from girls' scalp without any mechanical or chemical processing. 
Although the remy hair is better than no-renmy hair, two kind of hair are both widly used in wigs The pure remy hair is expensive than the no-remy.

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