What is a wig cap used to do and why to wear?

By snshair_official | 14 November 2019 | 51 Comments
Wig cap is important in wig install, but it is not necessary. Wearing a wig cap have different advantages and disadvantages according to different people.
>> The advantage of wearing a wig cap under a human hair wig. <<
For customers who are completely hair loss:
1. A wig cap can be used as a protective layer between the scalp and the wig. Wearing a wig cap on your head protects your scalp from the friction of wearing a lace wig. Prevent the itching and discomfort that may occur after wearing the a wig.
2, wearing a wig cap is very important when the scalp is sensitive. A soft, breathable wig cap ensures that your scalp is comfortable and breathes well. It can avoid damage to sensitive scalp.
3. Another important function of the wig cap is that it can keep your 100% human hair wig in the proper position and not move. The head that is completely hair loss will be very slippery. If you put your human hair wig directly on your head, this may cause woman’s human hair slide back and forth. Then you’ll feel terrible about wearing your wig. In this case, wearing a wig cap can secure you lace front wig and full lace wig away from sliding away, making you more confident in the wig.
For women who have their own hair:
1. Like a hair loss woman, a wig cap can be used as a protective barrier between your own hair and human hair. Unlike hair loss women, wigs are suitable for women who own hair and can protect their natural hair. Avoid wearing friction when wearing a real hair wig. Long-term friction will cause your own hair bifurcate and knot. It is best to wear the human hair wig on the soft wig cap to avoid friction on you own hair.
2. If your own hair color is different from your wig, the wig cap will help you cover all your own hair and make the wig grow out of the scalp, making your wig more natural. Otherwise, if your own hair color is different from your best human wig, the hair at the edge will make your wig unnatural.
3, Because you should braid your hair before wearing a lace wig, the wig cap can completely cover the entire scorpion and keep your hair flat. Straight hair can show the best effects of wearing cheap human wigs.
>> Disadvantages of wearing a wig cap. <<

1, Some people say that wearing a wig cap can be burden. Since the wig cap adds an extra layer under the wig, which will cause you to feel stuffiness and sweating, and people who are not used to it may feel uncomfortable.
2, The average size of the wig cap will make the big-headed person feel too tight when wearing a wig cap, that feels annoying.

>> How to choose a wig cap with a wig. <<
It is also important to choose the right wig cap. A suitable wig will not only protect your natural hair, but also give you a feeling of comfort. Now, we'll show you some tips on how to choose the right wig cap.
1, wig cap material
Nylon caps and silk caps are the most popular wig caps on the market. A nylon wig cap protects your hair from friction and damage.
Never choose a cotton cap, because the cotton material absorbs the oil and water in your own hair, which makes your hair dryer.
2, wig cap color
The color of the wig cap is similar to your 100 human wigs, which will give you a better natural look.
In fact, whether you choose a wig cap depends on your personal feelings. If you really feel uncomfortable, you can choose not to wear it. Since the wig cap definitely protects your scalp and hair, we recommend that you pick a suitable wig cap to see if you feel uncomfortable when wearing it, it’s our gift and you don’t need to pay for it.
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We also recommend you that take you wigs and wig caps off at night to keep your scalp and head relaxed.
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