How to measure your head and wig cap.

By snshaiir_official | 05 December 2019 | 11 Comments
Buying a wig is like buying clothes. We not only choose the style we like, but also the size that suits us. If the size is too small, it will affect the wearing comfort. If the size is too large, it will affect the appearance and cause hair to loosen when worn. So, how do we measure the size of the wig cap and our own head? SNS Hair has a set of methods recommended to you.

learn from this video:

Generally speaking, 22 inches is fit for mostly our head size. Wearing 22 inches wig combined with elastic material can match nearly all of us. SNS Hair provide free wig cap with different color to match your scalp color. Don't forget to select one free gift after buying a wig!

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