How to care your wigs when you don't need it.

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Simply, put the wig on a shelf is the best way. It can keep the wig's style and not be distorted. If you don't have a shelf, don't worry, you can put it in a bag. But you need clean it before put it in.
Best to protect the wig from the sun. And put it in a dry place.
Wigs are best placed on a wig hanger when conditions permit, or they can be placed in a one-piece cabinet or in a bag. Before placing the bag, the wig is slid and then placed in the bag. If it's a long bag, put the part first, then put the wig upside down. When wearing, spray with anti-static wig softening liquid to prevent roughening. You can wear it when you shake it.

If the wig is worn frequently, it can also be placed in the headgear with higher support, and the hair can be combed into the original shape by hand or a wide-toothed comb. When combing, pay attention to the hair from the hair tip, then gradually go up, be careful not to rub hard, because the hair will be twisted on a small piece.

If you don't wear it often, put the number of hair on the back cover, put a thick paper ball on the head cover, and put on the hair net for packaging (when you buy it, there will be some in the package), be careful not to put the cover too tight, so as not to press the wig. Deformation, then lies flat inside the box, pay attention to the size of the box to ensure that the wig will not be deformed.
Other notes:
1. When the wig is shipped from the factory, there are basically 3 kinds of attached items. Plastic bags, cardboard boxes, soft hair nets, unless you are like a wig that sells wigs everywhere, fly around or take out wigs, please take these 3 samples."Treasures" are collected.

2. When the wig is removed, pay attention to try not to mess up.
If it is a short wig, you can use a little hand and then put on the soft hair net, then install it in the original package. Pay attention to the soft hair net cover when you follow the wig, don't let the wig be messy. Otherwise, for a long time, the next time I took out a layer of the wig, it was a mess.
If it is long hair (60CM or more), remember to wear a comb in one hand and a wig in one hand when you are alone in one person. The wig is combed. If it is long hair, keep the wig in the direction of the wig hanging naturally, and then turn around from the tail to make a few laps. It is best to put the whole wig in the original packaging, and then go home. Special care.

3. After returning home, the wig with short hair and no use of shaped glue can be placed directly in the original packaging, but try not to be smashed, no matter how good the wig, the time is too long to deform.
60CM below 60CM wigs are taken out and combed well.
More than 60CM long hair used after the situation depends on the situation, find a place where the wig can be fixed, hang the wig, and then comb the wig, if you can comb the shun then no special care, if the carding is found to have knotted place or hair place needs special care.
If the hair is smoothed, only a small amount of hair can be sprayed on the wig to spray the wig care solution.
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