How long can human hair wigs be used?

By snshair_official | 02 December 2019 | 0 Comments

Human hair lace wigs are just the same like your own hair. It’s comfortable and looks natural. To maintain this advantage of human hair lace wigs, you need to keep your hair carefully like your own hair. And it can be used for more times.

In general, if you carry a wig every day, a wig can be used for 3 months to two years or even 3 years. It depends on the quality of the hair itself. No-remy hair has a short life span, usually only 3 months to half a year, and remy hair is used for a long time, usually half a year to two years or more, so the price of remy hair is also expensive.

Hair usage time is also related to daily care methods. If you wash your dirty hair often, and use the conditioner properly, or hang the wig correctly on the wig hanger, your wig can be used for a longer period of time.

wig hanger

If you are buying a traditional wig that requires glue, then you may not be able to take off your wig or clean it. SNS Hair recommends buying a new type of glueless wig. This wig is very easy to wear or take off. Then you can save more time to carefully care for your wig.

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Do you care you hair patiently? And how long have your wigs been worn?

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