Are modern wigs still commonly made from real human hair?

By snshair_official | 14 November 2019 | 0 Comments
Nowadays, there are two kinds of wigs: chemical fiber and real human hair. The chemical fiber is relatively cheap, the maintenance is simple, and the human hair is relatively more expensive. 

synthetic hair will get matted after long term of use while real human hair won't
However, human hair wigs have a huger market than synthetic ones, because more and more women tend to buy wigs that are made by 100% human hair with a much higher price, to keep them real and natural. And the more expensive the wig is, the higher grade human hair it is.

Even though the 100% human hair is the most popular hair now, there are still many strength-insufficient factory betrayed moral code to made human hair weaves or human hair wigs with animal hair or synthetic fiber. So then can participate in low price competition. Even though the cost lower, but it's not good for customers.

SNS Hair guarantees that all of our products were made by 100% real human hair. We are competitive enterprise with good reputation and stable procurement channels, so we don't need mesh the animal hair and synthetic fiber.

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