Can I wear a wig while swimming?

By snshaiir_official | 10 December 2019 | 5856 Comments
For women whose hair is not excellent, wigs are an indispensable item for them to pursue beauty. They have been wearing wigs while they are outside. They wear wigs for parties, outings, dates, swimming, and everything in daily life. Wait! Swim? Can I wear a wig when I go swimming?
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How to measure your head and wig cap.

By snshaiir_official | 05 December 2019 | 55 Comments
Buying a wig is like buying clothes. We not only choose the style we like, but also the size that suits us. If the size is too small, it will affect the wearing comfort. If the size is too large, it will affect the appearance and cause hair to loosen when worn. So, how do we measure the size of the wig cap and our own head? SNS Hair has a set of methods recommended to you.
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What's the differences between lace frontal wig and full lace wig?

By snshaiir_official | 03 December 2019 | 30 Comments
We often see different options like lace frontal and full lace when buying wigs. What is the difference between Lace frontal wig and full lace wig? Is there any other type of wig lace? SNS Hair will help you answer this question from the perspective of lace wig processing and lace use.
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How to quickly make sure which human hair wig to choose as a wig beginner?

By snshaiir_official | 27 November 2019 | 5 Comments
As newbies wearing human hair wigs, how do we choose a suitable wig for ourselves? Should we consider price or style or is it easy to install? SNS Hair has some suggestions for beginners. It includes many aspects such as hair style, cost, and installation. At the end we will recommend suitable hair for you.
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5 great advantages of wearing human hair wigs.

By snshaiir_official | 27 November 2019 | 130 Comments
Compared with synthetic hair, human hair wigs have 5 main advantages. Natural texture, realistic look, high quality, versatile style, longevity. SNS HAIR only do the high quailty human hair wigs. Our morden factory and well trained wig workers guarantees that our hair won't let you down.
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